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Slumdog Millionnaire?

Slumdog Millionnaire?

Slumdog Millionnaire?

12 June 2009

Ward 9 Pokhara, Nepal could have been the setting for Slumdog Millionnaire. The people of ward 9 are homeless squatters living in tin shanty homes on government owned land.

I couldn’t believe the story Govinda had just told me so I asked him to take me to Ward 9 so I could see for more

Medical Camp Delivers Baby

Medical Team Delivers Baby in Nepal

Medical Camp Delivers Baby

15 May 2009

The woman has been in labor for two, maybe three days, the story isn’t clear. All that is clear is that two hours up the trail a woman is having a difficult time delivering a baby. It’s somewhat ironic that on this morning we had just toured a recently built birthing center. Recently built, more

Lizzy Scully interviews The Mountain Fund

Scott MacLennan in Nepal

Lizzy Scully interviews The Mountain Fund

01 February 2009

The Mountain Fund: A year of change

By Lizzy Scully

Ever imagined visiting Nepal? How about working as a volunteer in a health clinic in Peru? Or, have you dreamed about trekking through some of the biggest mountains of the world while at the same time giving back to the world community more

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