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The Mountain Fund Staff

Scott MacLennan

Scott MacLennan

Founder / Executive Director

Scott has been working in Nepal and Peru for nearly a decade. He is the recipient of the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal and the founder of The Mountain Fund.

Sunita Sharma

Sunita Sharma

Director of Volunteer Programs

Sunita has been directing the volunteer program in Nepal for The Mountain Fund since it's inception. The program continues to grow in popularity each year.

Yure Chavez

Yure Chavez

Peru Program Director

Born in Cusco, Peru, Yure has guided adventure, ecotourism, bird watching and conventional tours for almost 10 years. Yure's wife, Gleidy, is our Homestay Manager in Peru. She is also in charge of our micro finance program, Aynikuy.

Amrita Subedi and Kiyonori Obuchi

Amrita Subedi and Kiyonori Obuchi

Japan Coordinators

Governing Board Members

Scott MacLennan

Founder & Executive Director

New Mexico, USA

Dan Mazur


Washington, USA

Trond B. Jensen

Vice President

Alaska, USA

Bob Doak, DVM


California, USA

Sudeep Satyal


Texas, USA

Mike Anderson

Alaska, USA

Ari Stern, MD

New Zealand

Manisha Sharma

Kathmandu, Nepal

David Diaz

Colorado, USA

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