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The Mountain Fund Projects

The Mountain Fund and its global network of partners span every corner of the globe eliminating poverty in mountain regions. The Mountain Fund aims to create healthy, vibrant mountain communities where people have access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity in an environment where human rights are valued and respected. To achieve this goal, we sponsor community-based initiatives that prioritize respect for the local culture and the environment.

Women's Training in 21st Century Skills

Train Women for Good Jobs in Nepal

An idea born from the devastating earthquakes that took nearly 10,000 lives and destroyed over half-a-million homes. How to be prepared for a future disaster and engage, employ and mobilize women? We saw firsthand the confusion in 2015 over what relief was needed and where was it needed.

Since then, we've been building an information network that prepares for future events and hand-in-hand with that, trains women for skilled work in radio, film, photography, graphic design and other visual arts, which rapidly expanding areas of work in Nepal and one that affords women the opportunity to escape the predictable future of a life of hard, farm labor.

General Support for The Mountain Fund

General Support for Mountain Fund

Help support The Mountain Fund for all the work it does. 

Her Farm

Growing Hope in the Himalayas

Domestic abuse in Nepal is rampant. The leading cause of death among women of childbearing age is suicide. Widows are tossed out and branded as witches. Victims of the sex trade are shunned by families. These women have no where to go. They are skilled farmers, they can support themselves and feed their children if they have a little land. Her Farm provides them with shelter and place to grow food. That's the essential needs, without which they will stay trapped in abuse.


Her Farm Films

Her Farm Films and Her Farm FM Radio, empowering women's voices

The mission of Her Farm Films is to provide the training and equipment needed for Nepali women to produce short films, podcasts and radio programs about life in Nepal by women and for women. 

Dante's Story: The Fight for Deaf Rights in Peru

Documentary Fundraiser

Please help fund this necessary awareness-raising documentary that shows issues with and proposes solutions for Deaf rights in Peru, through interviews with prominent deaf adults and deaf educators in Lima and Cusco. The documentary centerpiece is the compelling story of Holly's adopted deaf son from Q'eros, and his awakening in life after learning language only at age 7.

The Filmmaker: Holly Wissler, originally from Iowa, is an applied ethnomusicologist and adventure travel guide residing in Cusco, Peru. She dedicates herself to collaborative projects with the Quechua Q’eros of highland Peru, and the near-extinct Wachiperi people of the Harakbut linguistic family in the Amazon rainforest foothills of the Madre de Dios river basin. Holly is regular guest lecturer for National Geographic, Coltur Peruana de Turismo Tour Agency, and various U.S. academic study abroad programs.

The Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development in Nepal & Tibet

Support Community-Based Initiatives in Nepal

The Mount Everest Foundation works with local community agencies and partnerships to alleviate severe poverty in Nepal. Through sustainable community-based initiatives, the Foundation has built schools, staffed clinics, restored dilapidated cultural centers and invested in Nepal's most valuable resource: its people.

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