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Ward 9 Revisited

Ward 9 Revisited

Ward 9, Pokhara, Nepal
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27 June 2009

In May our article entitled "Slumdog Millionaire" introduced you to Ward 9, Pokhara. Ward 9 Pokhara, Nepal could have been the setting for Slumdog Millionnaire. The people of ward 9 are homeless squatters living in tin shanty homes on government owned land. When we learned that many of the children come daily to the Ward 9 children's center so their parents could work. We also learned that the children were hungry, seldom getting enough to eat at home and that the Ward 9 children's day care center could not afford to offer lunch to the 12-15 children who came daily.

Mountain Fund sprang into action the same day we visited Ward 9 children's center. We knew that a good lunch could be provided to these children for about $50.00 US and that it could very well be the only balanced, healthy meal these children would get each day. As with all Mountain Fund initiatives the cost was unbelievably low; about one nickel a day provides each child a hot lunch.

We just received an update from Ward 9 that is so heartwarming we had to share it with our friends. Attendance has increased to 29 children as a result of the lunch program. One can infer these additional children may have been left home alone or with older siblings during the day while the parents work. It's not unusual in families as poor as Ward 9's for that to happen. Perhaps also, parents are sending their children with the knowledge it may be the only good meal they will get for the day. Whatever the case may be, things are looking much better in Ward 9. If you have a nickel or two you can spare, please join with us and let's feed more of Ward 9's children.

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