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Water Restored to the Village

Water Restored to the Village

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6 February 2016

The quakes in Nepal caused the water supply in Mankhu village to drop by over 50%.  People were optomistic that after the monsoons the water supply would return but it did not. As a farm community in the hilly country of Nepal water for irrigation of crops and livestock is crucial. Months after the quakes fields lay fallow for lack of irrigation, milk production is down as there isn't enough water to care properly for dairy cows and several houses in the village don't have any drinking water at all and have to carry it from a neighbors house, though the nieghbor barely has any to spare. That was our situation. 
Thanks to you, that is no longer our situation. We were able to obtain a piece of land not terrribly far from the village where there was a very large spring that was producing abundant water. More than 38 local people worked for weeks to install tanks, trench for piping and install the piping. At the end, there is now 20,000 liters of water per day reaching the village from this new water resource. At Her Farm, our project in the village, we had built a 10,000 in-ground concrete water tank just prior to the quakes and that tank is now full. From that tank we are able to connect further pipes that join it to the main tank used by the community for water. A few homes who are not connected to that system we are now running pipes to so that soon, there is enough water for all. 

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