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Nepal Earthquake Update: April 29, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Update: April 29, 2015

Tarp shelters in Mankhu
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29 April 2015

Here's what is needed in the short-term future to rebuild Mankhu and Goganpani villages.

1) Tarps, so people have temporary shelter. We have about 125 tarps out to homes now, but need more like 400.

2) Solar flashlights and Candles

3) Devices to charge cell phones from solar - simple ones that will charge many types of phones.

4) We started to fix the road to the village. About $3000 or so is needed to get the road in working order.

5) We are going to need a truck. There's going to be tons of material needed for re-construction. There's just one old truck servicing these villages now, that's not going to cut it. Need about $20,000 or so to truck in building materials

6) Need a few welders.

7) Steel rebar, concrete, sand and gravel

8) There's about 400 houses destroyed. Many people can pay some of the cost of supplies if we can get them to the village (see truck and road above)

9) Sledge hammers, crowbars, etc to tear down the damaged homes. Need a bunch of these.

10) Metal roofing, again a lot

11) Helpers in the village to assist with all this.

Money donated today to Helping Hands hospital for urgent surgery cases for indigent people. That's where some of your donations just went. That and tons of tarps. More to do, transportation and communication issues make it hard. We have plans, we know from everyone what is needed, we are on it and getting it done.



Scott MacLennan
Executive Director

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