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The Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development in Nepal & Tibet

The Mount Everest Foundation for Sustainable Development in Nepal & Tibet

Support Community-Based Initiatives in Nepal

The Mount Everest Foundation works with local community agencies and partnerships to alleviate severe poverty in Nepal. Through sustainable community-based initiatives, the Foundation has built schools, staffed clinics, restored dilapidated cultural centers and invested in Nepal's most valuable resource: its people.

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The Issue

Poverty has always been a major issue for Nepal. Academics and experts from urban planners to social researchers stress that poverty severely limits a society's capacity to grow sustainably and advance economically. In this 21st Century, poverty is one of the fast growing global burdens. The Nepalese professors, experts of development, have offered a multitude of social, political and economic factors contributing to poverty in Nepal. These factors are high population growth rate; inadequate social economic infrastructure; low productivity, and inefficient use of resources. However, there are some economic developments such as the proliferation of "Eco-village" or "Eco-tourism" organizations that play a vital role in accelerating swift economic growth and alleviating poverty in Nepali communities. For the moment, The Mount Everest Foundation has chosen to assist the Patale Village Development Committee in the area of Okhaldhunga District of Nepal. This program will be based as a model for future programs in the area.

Our Solution

The program will focus on the following areas:

  • Construction & maintenance of a Health Post
  • Educational Sponsorships for the children of the Okhaldhunga District
  • Vocational Training for the local people
  • Development of Pharmacy Culture Concept
  • Eco-village development
  • Eco-Tourism development

Long-Term Impact

The establishment of Mount Everest Foundation For Sustainable Development (MEF/NEPAL) is a significant step towards achieving the goals of peace, unity, social amity, international co-operation and fraternity free from racial, ethnic linguistic or religious discrimination


The Mount Everest Foundation believes in the motto of 'World is a Family.' 

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