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Women's Training in 21st Century Skills

Women's Training in 21st Century Skills

Train Women for Good Jobs in Nepal

An idea born from the devastating earthquakes that took nearly 10,000 lives and destroyed over half-a-million homes. How to be prepared for a future disaster and engage, employ and mobilize women? We saw firsthand the confusion in 2015 over what relief was needed and where was it needed.

Since then, we've been building an information network that prepares for future events and hand-in-hand with that, trains women for skilled work in radio, film, photography, graphic design and other visual arts, which rapidly expanding areas of work in Nepal and one that affords women the opportunity to escape the predictable future of a life of hard, farm labor.

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The Issue

The predictable future for women in rural Nepal, where 80% of the population lives is hard labor, economic dependence and perhaps, and only perhaps, training for low-skill, marginal income jobs in stereotypical roles.

As one beneficiary of one of the countless “women’s programs” operating explained: “I never considered what I liked to do, I ‘chose’ this training in sewing, because it was the only option.” After a pause, she continued, “I suppose because, this is a fitting job, for girls.”


Our Solution

For the past 6 years, Her Farm and Her Farm Films have been preparing women to be community organizers and leaders and creating jobs for women in skilled professions such as FM radio announcer, wedding photographer, event filmmaker and live sound production.

We have 8 young women employed now in these areas and earning sustainable incomes from their skills. With a full, professional photography, film studio and women's owned and operated FM radio station, a talent pool of trained women, we are now ready to take this work to scale in the larger community and offer skill training in visual arts to a much larger community.

Mahadevbesi Visual Arts School of 21st Century Skills Women owned and operated by Her Farm Films

Long-Term Impact

Program participants can gain practical, on the job experience through broadcasting via a link system on our FM transmitter at Her Farm and through assisting in the 40 or more assignments Her Farm Films has every year to film events, photograph weddings and provide live sound reinforcement for events.

With comprehensive training, practical experience in the field, women will be able to obtain employment that pays well. In a country with a per capita income of less than $1000/year, the women of Her Farm Films earn between $100 and $150 US dollars per day filming and between $150 and $200 US dollars per day providing live sound reinforcement.

Our FM radio station, though on the air for less than one month already has several paid advertisers and that aspect of income generation will expand, providing yet another opportunity for work by recording and producing commercials for local area businesses and selling radio advertising to local area businesses as well.



Breakththroughs come as a result of shifting your commitment from the predictable future to a possible future. Learn more at School of 21st Century Skills for Women

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