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Dante's Story: The Fight for Deaf Rights in Peru

Dante's Story: The Fight for Deaf Rights in Peru

Documentary Fundraiser

Please help fund this necessary awareness-raising documentary that shows issues with and proposes solutions for Deaf rights in Peru, through interviews with prominent deaf adults and deaf educators in Lima and Cusco. The documentary centerpiece is the compelling story of Holly's adopted deaf son from Q'eros, and his awakening in life after learning language only at age 7.

The Filmmaker: Holly Wissler, originally from Iowa, is an applied ethnomusicologist and adventure travel guide residing in Cusco, Peru. She dedicates herself to collaborative projects with the Quechua Q’eros of highland Peru, and the near-extinct Wachiperi people of the Harakbut linguistic family in the Amazon rainforest foothills of the Madre de Dios river basin. Holly is regular guest lecturer for National Geographic, Coltur Peruana de Turismo Tour Agency, and various U.S. academic study abroad programs.

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